Portable Solar Power and LED Lighting System

Portable Solar Power and LED Lighting System
Sales price without tax: $199.00

The Series 200 Portable Solar Power and LED Lighting System from Totally Wired, Inc. is a completely self contained lighting and power unit that requires no power from the grid. The 12 volt 3 watt light bulbsare powered by a rechargeable 7 amp hour battery that receives power from the 10 watt solar panel through a charge controller to protect the battery from over charging. The battery is enclosed in a case with a handle and has several output plugs for electrical connection.

Two USB ports are included to charge most cell phones, tablets and games,and a 12 volt receptacle is included for car charger cords

Installation is a simple process! The light bases are attached to the ceiling or framing with 2 screws and the cable is attached to the ceilieg or framing with staples. For applications where you do not want the lights mounted permanently, you can use tie wraps. The lights come with 15' of cable and if you need them longer, we have 5' and 10' plug and play cables available.

The 10 watt solar panel comes with a 15' cable that plugs into the power unit. Optional 5' and 10' plug and play extensions are available. The solar panel should be mounted facing the southern sky and can be installed using your own system or optional mounting bracket kits are available.

The power unit is not water proof and should be protected from wet locations. Once the light cords are plugged into the power unit outlet plugs, the system is live and ready for use.


  • 2 each,12 volt 3 watt light bulbs
  • 2 each, light bases with pull chain cord switch
  • 10 watt solar panel
  • 7 ah sealed lead acid battery
  • Dual USB ports
  • 12 volt recepticle
  • 3 Type N receptacles for light output
  • 10 amp PWM solar charge controller
  • 2 conductor cable
  • Plug and Play connection
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Dimensions: Power Unit - 8" x 6" x 4.5" (excludes handle) Solar panel - 11.89" x 14.06" x 1.18"


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