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Steve and Vicky Wallace, owners of Totally Wired Inc, have dedicated their lives to helping people around the world. They found there was no light after sunset in many rural villages because of the lack of fire wood, or money to buy candles or kerosene.

Steve developed a small reliable solar LED light to bring light where there was none. An idea born in the rural villages of Africa and India, the Solar Utility Light was the beginning of a new direction for Totally Wired Inc. As a leader in the manufacturing of wiring harnesses for the OEM automotive industry since 1989, Totally Wired Inc is becoming the industry experts in low voltage power and lighting.

Now you can help in their effort to bring light and power to the villages of the world by purchasing solar products featured on this website.

A portion of the purchase price of these products will be used to help fund their humanitarian efforts around the world.

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