Landscape Lighting System

Totally Wired, Inc. has developed a series of Solar Landscape Lighting Systems.

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The Landscape System power unit is powered by a deep cycle rechargeable battery that is charged by a solar panel through a charge controller/timer. The unit charges when the sun is up, and when the sun goes down, the lights are activated and stay on for 5 hours, or the timer can be set from 1 to 15 hours. You can choose between the 1.6 watt 18 LED spot lights or the 25 LED Walkway lights, or mix and match. There are also 2 output power plugs on the back of the power unit, and you can choose between the 50,’ 100’, or 250’ cables or mix and match. Also available with the power unit are plug kits so you can use you own cable. The power unit comes with a mounting plate and collar already installed on the unit and will receive a 2” od pipe. Stand pipes can be ordered in 4’, 6’, or 8’ lengths. The solar panel, and battery cover are mounted with tamper resistant screws, and the special driver is included. The mounting bolt has a special breakaway nut to protect against theft.

ATC/ATO Blade Type Fuses

ATC/ATO Blade Type Fuses are used in most domestic and imported cars. Rated from 12 to 32 volts, our fuses meets or exceeds OEM and SAE standards.

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