Why choose Totally Wired Inc?

Totally Wired, Inc. has been a major manufacturer of wiring harnesses, switch panels and low voltage control systems for the OEM automotive and marine industry since 1989.

Products and Services

Battery Cables

Totally Wired, Inc. manufactures battery cables from 8 gauge to 4/0 in any length with any size cable terminal. We have an automated cable cutting machine that measures and cuts cable to exact size and is set up for large or small production runs. The ends are stripped using an automated cable stripper that insures that the insulation is removed without damaging the conductor. Terminals are installed using a special 4 point crimper that does a perfect crimp every time. Special gel infused shrink seals the connection against corrosion from outside moisture.

Control Boards
Small Harness Production

Totally Wired, Inc. uses the Panduit Quick Build system for small harness production. This versatile Wire board system allows for easy layout of small harnesses and works great for large quantity production. The advantage of the Quick Build system is that a wire board can be laid out in a matter of an hour instead of several hours to design and build a board from scratch, thus reducing the setup time for new production.

Switch Panels and Dashboards
Wire Marking and Striping
Wire Splicing and Terminals
Wiring Harnesses
Since our beginning in 1989, Totally Wired, Inc. has specialized in manufacturing wiring harnesses for many OEM applications. We have built for bus manufacturers, golf carts, ski boats, conversion vans, motorcycles, limousines, forklifts and solar panel wiring to name just a few. We offer full design, prototyping, and production capabilities for most applications. From small connecting harnesses to large harnesses containing several thousand feet of wire and multiple types of connectors, Totally Wired, Inc. is ready to manufacture harnesses for you.